Bellew v Haye 2

The heavyweight rivals meet again...

The heavyweight rematch between David Haye and Tony Bellew will take place on Saturday 5th May – 1 year after Bellew defeated Haye in the first meeting of these heavyweight legends. Originally planned for December 2017, the rematch was postponed to May following a freak injury to Haye which resulted in surgery on a torn bicep.

When is it?

Saturday 5th May with the ring walk expected to take place after 10pm.

Where to watch?

Manx Arms | Sam Webbs | The Haven | The Swan | Cat with No Tail | The Woodbourne

What happened in the 1st match?

The WBC cruiserweight World Champion Bellew caused an outrage when he stopped the former heavyweight World Champion Haye in the 10th round. In his 3rd fight since making his comeback, Haye injured his Achilles in the 6th round but fought on until he was stopped. Although victorious, it emerged that Bellew suffered a bad injury in which broke his hand, thought to be as early as the second round.

Fighting words

Tony Bellew

“To be honest I was looking forward to a great victory in December and a relaxing family break over Christmas, but my mind is still very much on this fight and I will punish him for that.

“I now have a very clear plan for 2018 and that is to knock out David Haye and then knock out Tyson Fury and end both their careers.”

“I will have the exact same attitude I had going into the first fight – win at all costs.”

David Haye

“Last time the script was thrown out the window and the unpredictability of sport revealed itself in its most raw form.

“Bellew somehow won the lottery in our first fight, but believe me, he won’t win the lottery twice.

“I’ve been training every day for over six months. I already feel fitter, stronger and more athletic than I did for our first showdown. I will relish the opportunity to re-write the ending of the Haye-Bellew story.”