On the Isle of Man, Christmas starts when old St Nick arrives on his sled to deliver the first barrels of his ale to our eagerly awaiting pubs. And when your first glass of St Nick is finished? Christmas starts all over again, with the next one…

The Woodbourne pub will be hosting the launch in celebration of the festive beer on Wednesday 23rd November. The delivery of the first kegs to the pubs will be a sight to behold as the Young Farmers will be arriving on their famous festive tractors to provide the new beer for everyone at the event. With a special guest appearance of Father Christmas himself to receive the delivery of St. Nick’s and to pour the first pint!

Christmas is the season of giving so once the beer has been delivered – your first pint of St. Nick’s will be free. What better way to get in the holiday spirit than a free pint!

St. Nick’s Tasting Notes

A full-bodied, dark-coloured beer with an aroma of fruit and malt.

4.5% ABV

St. Nick’s secret recipe